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Story SynopsisEdit

The story centers around the so-called "Relics"—mysterious items with special powers that range from obviously lethal to deceptively harmless—and the damage they bring about. Again and again, Tokiya Kurusu and Saki Maino, both of who work at the Tsukumodo Antique Shop (FAKE), get into difficulties that involve Relics, and have to find a way out.

About Tsukumodo Antique ShopEdit

Tsukumodo Antique Shop: We Handle "Mysteriosities" (付喪堂骨董店―“不思議”取り扱います Tsukumodou Kottouten - "Fushigi" Toriatsukaimasu) is a light novel series written by Akihiko Odou and illustrated by Takeshima Satoshi. The series is finished with 7 volumes.

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Tsukumodo Cover

Tsukumodo volume 1 cover

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